Hamster Kombat Today’s Daily Combo Cards

Hamster kombat daily combo

Hamster Kombat needs no special introduction today. But for those who don’t know, let me explain in short words. Hamster Kombat is just a game today. Hamster Kombat is a game that anyone can play by simply tapping on our smart phone with the help of a Telegram bot. A few months ago, after video clips of this game went viral on social media including Instagram, hamster kombat started playing all over the world. Hamster Kombat has over 15 million subscribers worldwide.

Experts opine that this is not just a game, it is crypto mining ahead of listing the crypto currency hamstar coin on crypto exchanges. By playing hamster kombat game we can get hamster coins. Hamster Coin will be officially listed on crypto exchanges in the coming months. The hamstar coins we earn through the game will be credited to our tone wallet. Later we can trade or sell these coins to cash.

Hamster Combat Latest Combo Cards July 7

Today’s combo cards for getting one million hamster coin in hamster kombat telegram bot game is given below.

CEOPR & Team
NFT Collection LaunchSpecials
LeaderboardsPR & Team

Hamster Kombat is a SCAM ?

There is no news yet that Hamster kombat is a scam. Coins are usually given away to people for free through a process called airdrop, just before any cryptocurrency is listed. In the case of Hamster kombat it is only given through the game. Not everyone who plays the game needs to get coins in airdrop. Airdrop is like a giveaway. Not all participants will receive it. Only a lucky few get coins in airdrops.

In the case of Hamster kombat, even if we get coins through airdrop, we may not get as much income from it as we expect. Hamster Coin will be powered by Telegram’s messaging app Tone, a blockchain platform.

How to play hamster kombat game

Hamster Kombat Today's Daily Combo Cards

We can play this game through a verified bot called Hamster kombat on the messaging app Telegram. Start the Telegram bot on our phone and click play and we can start playing the game right away. While playing the game we will get more coins in the game if we introduce this game to our friends through our referral link. Once the hamster kombat game is started on a telegram account, that telegram account should not be deleted. If we do that we will lose all the coins we have earned through this game till then.

How to earn coins in hamster kombat

Hamster Kombat Today's Daily Combo Cards

Hamster kombatil can earn coins in various ways. The first is to earn coins by tapping on the screen of the phone, as in videos that have gone viral on social media. As soon as we open the game through the Telegram bot, an image of a squirrel will appear on the screen and we have to tap on it. We can also earn coins by referring Hamster kombat. If someone else joins this game using our referral link we get a certain amount.

Another way to earn coins in Hamster kombat is daily tasks. The two most important tasks are daily combo cards and daily cipher. We can earn ten times more coins by doing daily tasks than by tapping on phone screen.

Youngsters are addicted to this game. They spend more than half of their day playing this game. They spend so much time on this game thinking that there will be financial gain in the future. But experts say that they do not expect such a big financial gain. Therefore, their opinion is to see this game as just a game without expecting anything more.

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