Railwire Broadband Plans Best FTTH Broadband With Ultra High Speed

railwire broadband plans

Railwire is one of the best broadband internet service providers in India. Railwire provides high-speed internet through the optical fibre and it is known as FTTH (fibre to the home ). While searching for various broadband plans, you may notice that BSNL Broadband Plans are cheaper than Railwire. But in terms of internet speed, Railwire provides ultra high speed up to 200mbps. Also, there are many other broadband service providers such as Asianet broadband, Kerala vision etc. but we found that Railwire FTTH Plans are highly cost-effective.

A variety of plans are available from Railwire. Internet connection through fiber has an advantage of very high speed. With BSNL broadband plans, you will get free voice calls and a landline connection completely free.

In comparison with other broadband service providers, Railwire broadband plans give you the same uploading and downloading speed. Most of us were using the old dial-up modem internet connection from BSNL. But the scenario is entirely different in the modern era.

You can find the latest Railwire FTTH Broadband plans in this article and it will help you to choose the best Broadband Plan for your home or business

Railwire Broadband Plans

Railwire Broadband powered by railTel Corporation of India, A government of india undertaking ( Ministry Of Railways) provides very high speed broadband internet connection through optical fibre. Plan speed mentioned in this article is the maximum possible download speed from Railwire Broadband Plans. High speed plans are available in selected cities in india.

Railwire Broadband Ultra High Speed Plans

SpeedData UsageDownoad LimitMonthly Rental
200 Mbps550 GBUnlimitedRs. 1949
175 Mbps500 GBUnlimitedRs. 1899
150 Mbps450 GBUnlimitedRs. 1499
125 Mbps400 GBUnlimitedRs. 1249
100 Mbps400 GBUnlimitedRs. 1099
100 Mbps350 GBUnlimitedRs. 999
75 Mbps300 GBUnlimitedRs. 949
50 Mbps250 GBUnlimitedRs. 899
40 Mbps200 GBUnlimitedRs. 799
20 Mbps100 GBUnlimitedRs. 699
10 Mbps50 GBUnlimitedRs. 599
10 MbpsUnlimitedUnlimitedRs. 2499
6 MbpsUnlimitedUnlimitedRs. 1399
2 MbpsUnlimitedUnlimitedRs. 899
1 MbpsUnlimitedUnlimitedRs. 449
Table 1 : Railwire Broadband Ultra High Speed Plans

Railwire Broadband Multi Speed Plans

10 Mbps30 GBRs. 249
50 Mbps100 GBRs. 699
50 Mbps200 GBRs. 799
Table 2 : Railwire Broadband Multi Speed Plans

Railwire Broadband SME Unlimited Plans

1 MbpsRs. 1699
2 MbpsRs. 2999
4 MbpsRs. 5799
8 MbpsRs. 9999
10 MbpsRs. 12999
Table 3 : Railwire Broadband SME Unlimited Plans

Railwire Broadband SME FUP Plans

Port SpeedData UsageSpeed After FUPMonthly Rental
10 Mbps60 GB1 MbpsRs. 4650
20 Mbps200 GB1 MbpsRs. 5499
30 Mbps200 GB1 MbpsRs. 6299
Table 4 : Railwire Broadband SME FUP Plans

Railwire Broadband Data Booster Top Up Packs

25 GBRs. 199
50 GBRs. 299
100 GBRs. 449
Table 5 : Railwire Broadband Data Booster Top Up Packs

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